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When constructing a new family house, people don't pay enough attention to the way in which the house is heated. This is one of the major expenditures of the household budget. One way of reducing that cost is by installing a heating pump. The heat pump takes air from outside and uses it to heat your house, heat water for use in the bathroom, kitchen and even swimming pool, while drastically reducing your utility bills. Heating pumps are becoming more popular, especially in today's eco conscious climate.

These are the most important arguments for using them:

  • » absolutely autonomic running without service
  • » one pays only one third of possibility of raising energetic costs (due to free gaining about two    thirds energy from the air around)
  • » while putting in a heat pump one gains a low monthly lump sum with a low charge for electronic    consumption for 22 hours a day for all the house, not only for heating
  • » there is no need to build another sevice pipe (gas) or store fuel (liquid gas, heating oil, solid    fuel), while every house is provided with electric service pipe
  • » one can use a heat pump for cooling (air-conditioning) of your house in summer
  • » one can prolong a swimming season at minimal expense due to heating the swimming pool

It´s important to make a low-thermal heating system (floor or wall warming, eventually large-area radiators) for an effective function of the heating pump. We recommend you to use this kind of heating system even in case you decide for another source of heating for your house. The low-thermal heating system belongs to the modern ways of heating due to its indisputable advantages.

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kind of heat pumps:

   air/water outdoor

air/water inner >

water/water  >
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