» Heating

We provide standard heating installation as well as alternative methods of heating, which are more economically sound and cost effective. Depending on your budget we can help you make the best choice for your property according to your property and means.

We offer these sorts o appliance heat sources:

We discharge heat energy distribution in compliance with the way and kind of heating set (made of copper, steel or plastic).

We can deal with handover of heat into rooms and solve things of that sort by:

The heating body is the external shell of the heating system and is compatible with all types of buildings, but for houses and flats, where the outside of the body is important. It can be tailored to blend in with it's environment. For example, the color and shape of the body can be changed. Floor heating is also an alternative to the standard radiator, especially in the bathrooms, where the heat coming from the floor is more beneficial, and in the long run, it is more cost effective than radiators.

fires with a heat-conducting exchanger:

electric boilers:

gas boilers:


floor warming:

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