» Plumbing

As well as installing a complete plumbing system of your property, and this means connecting it to an outside source for water coming into and waste water leaving your property we can also plumb in washing machines and other equipment that requires connection to a water source. We work with all quality standard approved materials (plastic, copper etc. ) depending on your budget.

We also provide:

  • » assembly of plaster modules and foundations for bathroom equipment
  • » installation of all bathroom equipment
  • » water pumps and pressure apparatus for bringing water into and around a building
  • » assembly of pumping apparatus for silage or waste water ( from bathroom, toilets etc) where it    is not possible for it to be done naturally
  • » assembly of fire safety equipment ( sprinklers, hydrants, hoses etc) and their maintenance
  • » changing the PH factor of the water by a chemical analysis of the water
  • » removal of aggressive waste products and materials from your property
  • » assembly of water heating equipment ( elec and combi boilers, flow straight boilers etc)


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