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Today´s building owners´ trend is building their houses with top thermal qualities to save money spent on energy in future. Thus they give their money into thermal isolation. and what is the result? The house doesn´t breathe. The air which goes bad quickly and the odour can occur while usual operating. This leads to often ventilation. You can see that money invested by this way loses its sense. The solution is getting a ventilation with recuration (feedback heat gain). There are several arguments for getting this fitting. The most important is that you save your money and you don´t throw it awy through the usual opening the windows. You will clear away moisture which occurs while breathing, doing the washing up or cooking in the room. You will protect yourself from occurring mould by this way. What´s more, you will protect yourself from pollen allergens in summer and there will be better air in your house than outside. If you count with central ventilation from the very beginning of building, you can make your problem turn into a quality. There exists a solution in shape decentral units placed in separated rooms for you who have already built your house.

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