» Solar set system

You can have a solar set system installed for the production of energy, for next to nothing, and the energy can be used to heat the swimming pool or for external purposes. The system consists of solar panels (with a non freeze filling), and handles, an electric regulator, a circulatory pump, a reservoir of water which is ready to be warmed by the sun and fittings. The length of time the warm water lasts depends on the size of the reservoir. When the sun isn't shinning the water can still be heated by using an electric hot water heater which can be attached to the system or by attaching it to the central eating system. If you decide to use this method as part of your heating needs we can draw up a plan, which will give you an idea of it's capacity and the best way in which it can be integrated into your heating system, and we can also control the installation process by recommending one of our partners, who will install it under our supervision.

solar set system:



solar set:

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